ELEVEN SIX talks to the The Hardihood founders: Daisy and Leah, on what inspired their quest to create the most exquisite sugar free cakes that are as delicious to the eye as they are to taste!  On meeting The Hardihood duo a couple of years ago we not only fell in love with their irresistible produce but the fun energy, passion and drive they both projected. The photo story is shot at their east London studio featuring some versatile ELEVEN SIX SS17 pieces that they enjoy for work and play! 

Daisy (Bottom) wears:  Maryana Wrap + Selby Tank  |  Leah (top) wears: own tee-shirt + Abby Pant |  Made in Peru |  SHOP HERE

Daisy (Bottom) wears:  Maryana Wrap + Selby Tank  |  Leah (top) wears: own tee-shirt + Abby Pant |  Made in Peru |  SHOP HERE

Why were you inspired to start The Hardihood?

We gave up sugar together at the beginning of 2014 and realized that there was nothing on the market to that felt like an indulgence but didn’t look incredibly brown, bland and boring so we started to make our own at home! We wanted to make abundant cakes that not only tasted amazing but looked beautiful too. We started off in our home kitchens with a tiny blender, and raided our local health food shop for all their nuts, dates, cacao and superfoods.

Daisy wears: Tia Crochet tunic | Handmade by Peruvian artisans |  SHOP HERE

Daisy wears: Tia Crochet tunic | Handmade by Peruvian artisans |  SHOP HERE

What are the core values/mission statement of The Hardihood?

We make beautiful, nutritious, raw confectionary that is as visually stunning as it is tasting. We’re absolutely committed to offering a choice, not an alternative. If a Hardihood cake doesn’t taste as good as something your grandma would make then it’s not going to make the cut! No one else does anything that looks this good, tastes this good and is as good for you. As a company we believe in having fun, trying new things and sharing our findings. No preaching, no gloating, no waxing lyrical....just sharing passion with modesty and honesty.

Daisy wears: Tia Crochet tunic | Handmade by Peruvian artisans |  SHOP HERE

Daisy wears: Tia Crochet tunic | Handmade by Peruvian artisans |  SHOP HERE

What inspires you both day to day?

We know that The Hardihood exists within a growing market of food and drinks brands we believe it’s our creativity that that sets us apart. We’re incredibly passionate about the aesthetics, taking inspiration from lifestyle and fashion brands, especially in terms of minimalism and playfulness. In terms of how we behave as a company we’re inspired by practices that make us consider how we take care of ourselves, each other and the planet; yoga, meditation… even a touch of therapy are all things that affect the decisions we make and they way we choose to approach every day challenges.

Leah wears:  Athena sweater tank + own pant  |  SHOP HERE

Leah wears:  Athena sweater tank + own pant  |  SHOP HERE

What exciting future plans do you have for the Hardihood?

Just this week we have outsourced our production to a factory! This is an exciting step for us and something that’s been over a year in the works. The cakes will still be beautifully hand made but there will be more hands making them meaning we can get The Hardihood to more people. We’re currently working on a new product that will launch this summer, it’s going to be incredible! Watch this space!  Scaling the business is important to us, we love what we do and enjoy the natural evolution that comes with growth. It means that no day is the same as the last, we’re constantly having to adapt and learn new skills. It’s can be challenging but usually it’s exciting!

Daisy (Left) wears:  Maryana Wrap + Selby Tank  |  Leah (Right) wears: own tee-shirt + Abby Pant |  Made in Peru |  SHOP HERE

Daisy (Left) wears:  Maryana Wrap + Selby Tank  |  Leah (Right) wears: own tee-shirt + Abby Pant |  Made in Peru |  SHOP HERE

What does the ELEVEN SIX brand mean to you?

When we first discovered ELEVEN SIX at the Woman show in Paris it was the quality of the yarn that kept us coming back for more. There’s something so luxurious about being dressed head to toe in baby alpaca. The neutral colors of the clothes and the upstate, autumnal tones of the look book kicks up visions of relaxed holiday living. Have you seen Big Little Lies? Nicole Kidman is phenomenal in it and her whole wardrobe should be ELEVEN SIX!

Leah wears:  Ruby sweater tank (SS16) + Abby sweater pant | SHOP HERE

Leah wears:  Ruby sweater tank (SS16) + Abby sweater pant | SHOP HERE

What did you select from SS17 ELEVEN SIX collection?

Daisy: I chose the ribbed Maryana cardigan for it’s relaxed, comfortable shape and clean linear aesthetic. It’s the perfect piece to throw over a simple outfit to create a chic elongating shape. I’m all about comfort in my day to day dressing, so this jumped out at me for its soft comfortable appeal.  I also chose the Selby tank was the perfect versatile layering piece and the Tia crochet tunic for some modern eclecticness!  Leah: I chose the Alima baby alpaca throw because I couldn’t resist the colors and then the white backless Athena sweater tank for its frayed edges and gorgeous peekaboo rear view. The Abby ribbed pants I owned from a previous season and have worn so much for work and play so to I loved updating my wardrobe with the pima cotton white pair!

Daisy wears: Maia sweater | Made in Peru | SHOP HERE

Daisy wears: Maia sweater | Made in Peru | SHOP HERE

Leah wears: Alima throw/wrap | hand woven in Peru | SHOP HERE

Leah wears: Alima throw/wrap | hand woven in Peru | SHOP HERE

The Hardihood recently launched a recipe book: RAW CAKE.  Check out their book HERE


ELEVEN SIX is proud to partner with Every Mother Counts on their Orange Rose Mother's day collection.  We have produced a limited edition run of twenty Sophia baby blanket's made from the softest Peruvian baby alpaca. The blanket was named after our new baby girl born earlier this year.  Each blanket's hangtag is signed by the woman artisan maker and issued with it's edition number to pass on a little more of the handcrafted love to its new owner. We will donate 100% of the net proceeds to Every Mother Counts. Together we can help make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.



Did you know that 303,000 women die every year from complications during pregnancy and childbirth?  That means over 800 women will lose their lives this Mother's Day. For each of these deaths, an average of 4 orphans are left behind. While most maternal deaths occur in the developing world, we lose 2 women everyday here in the U.S. Up to 98% of these deaths are preventable. Every Mother Counts has already impacted over half a million lives!                                                                                       Quotes: Every Mother Counts 



Why the Orange Rose?

"The Orange Rose is a symbol of maternal health and is a powerful reminder that safer motherhood is possible. It represents a beautiful, vibrant and strong life, like that of a mother who has been supported through pregnancy and childbirth. Pass the #OrangeRose to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for every mother, everywhere."         Quotes: Every Mother Counts

ELEVEN SIX + Window of Imagination

ELEVEN SIX Woman: Jen Szeto of Window of Imagination curates a spirited photo story with her favorite items from the ELEVEN SIX SS17 collection, shooting close to home at the beautifully rugged Land's End, Ocean Beach in San Francisco...

Modeling, Art Direction & Styling: Jen Szeto

Photography: Adrian Elliot

Jen wears Elvera Cardi, handmade by Peruvian artisans in Peruvian pima cotton. Pant: Jen’s own.  SHOP HERE

I love to shoot in vast, beautiful natural environments; some of my fondest memories have been shooting in Yosemite, Death Valley and Iceland. Each of these places feel more like a fantasy world than reality, and I appreciate feeling like a speck of dust within their enormous landscapes.

Jen wears Elvera Cardi + Liza Crochet Bikini top handmade by Peruvian artisans in Peruvian pima cotton.  SHOP HERE

Being in nature is where I connect with my spiritual side, quiet my mind, and focus on the moment with the people I love most. I am constantly humbled by all the different textures, colors, shapes, and smells. I prefer to shoot in nature's organic, undisturbed canvas – it’s already well set and all I need is my creativity to harmonize the moment.

Jen wears Liza Crochet Bikini top handmade by Peruvian artisans in Peruvian pima cotton.  SHOP HERE

I support small, independent labels like Eleven Six not only because I enjoy the brand's aesthetic but as it is a sustainably produced product. The clothing has so much more significance to me knowing that the women artisans who handcraft the quality clothing are supported in return, thus contributing to their local economy.
The Liza Crochet Bikini top is a versatile piece; something I could wear on a sunny beach day or layered with a cardigan and high waisted pants for the everyday.

Right: Elevra cardi + Yossy jumpsuit

Left: Liza Crocket Bikini + Jen ’s own pant.


I loved last season’s Kaitlan jacket so much that I wanted to keep building my texture collection. The Elvera Cardigan is so fun and chic; it's a great layering piece to freshen up a simple outfit.
My love for jumpsuits knows no bounds! The Yossy Sweater Jumpsuit is so soft and comfortable I can wear it everyday in multiple ways. I really enjoy pairing it back to the Elvera Cardigan.

Jen wears Yossy sweater jumpsuit, made in Peru in 100% Peruvian mercerized pima cotton.  SHOP HERE


Jen wears Yossy sweater jumpsuit, made in Peru in 100% Peruvian mercerized pima cotton.  SHOP HERE

ELEVEN SIX | SS17 Collection Inspiration & Travels…

The ELEVEN SIX SS17 collection inspiration takes from travels to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats. ELEVEN SIX became intrigued by this magical place after discovering works of the Bolivian installation artist; Gaston Ugalde and Dutch photographer’s, Scarlett Hooft Graaftland’s work. Both artists signature is placing colorful objects or staging model’s in this spectacular and powerful white environment.
“It is amazing being in a place where all you see is whiteness: No sound, almost no life, just white salt everywhere you can see...it was an unique and serene experience!”  Catherine Carnevale (ELEVEN SIX co-founder) 

Above: Photo by Local Uyuni installation artist Gaston Ugalde

The collection’s palette is inspired by the tones of white salt (salar), the casts of Uyuni’s indigo blue sky and accents of color: a blush, a pop of geranium and sugared pink taken from the exquisite sunset skies and the artist’s installation play. The powerful contrast and experience in this environment are translated into the collections playful graphic knitwear stitches, texture and patterns. 

Above: SS17 collection inspiration: the Dutch Photographer Scarlett Hooft Graafland regularly shoots at the Uyuni de Salar and is is known for placing colorful objects or staging models in this spectacular environment. 

Above: SS17 collection inspiration: Dutch Photographer, Scarlett Hooft Graafland.

Above: SS17 collection color inspiration: Local Uyuni installation artist Gaston Ugalde places brightly colored objects against the striking background of the salt flats.

Above: SS17 collection color inspiration: Local Uyuni installation artist Gaston Ugalde. 

Above: Catherine Carnevale of ELEVEN SIX gazes out into the incredible white expanse of the Uyuni salt flats from the Cactus Island 

ELEVEN SIX | Collaboration with Sara Savery

“The first time I saw Sara Savery perform as solo artist (aka 'Drop the Gun') and with her husbands band Blue Foundation I was mesmerized by the extreme beauty of her voice paired with the dreamy, electronic beats.  Sara’s sound is so hauntingly pure and encapsulating!  Collaborating together was a natural partnership as we fully appreciated each others creative endeavors.  Sara articulates the sensory mood of each ELEVEN SIX collection so perfectly through her music as she dives into it’s spirit and essence.”  ELEVEN SIX Co-founder - Catherine Carnevale.
“Music is always on my mind. If I'm not able to be creative it feels like I'm not really myself. I become frustrated and close-up. Music has always been a big part of who I am and is like a place within me.”

Sara wears Pre Spring 17: Mia sweater tank and Eva sweater skirt. made in Peru in alpaca, silk blend yarn.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP


“I am inspired by everything around me. Everyday I try to keep an open mind and take elements from what I experience here and there, transforming it into words, sounds, and music. It could be something someone said in the corner store or a set of emotions when facing a challenge of some kind.” 
"It's always interesting to explore brands from a musical perspective, working with still pictures and moving images I am presented with. I am very visual when I write music and always have some kind of imagery in my mind when I'm composing, like different spaces you enter. My music is often referred to as being 'dreamy' which I think has to do with the way I approach songwriting.”

Sara wears Pre Spring 17 collection: Sophia sweater jacket in baby alpaca yarn, hand crocheted by Bolivian artisans with the Mia tank & Abby pant, made in Peru. CLICK HERE TO SHOP

“To me ELEVEN SIX signifies quality and beauty. There is so much time, effort, thought and work put into each collection. I think of minimalism and grace when I look at the pieces. It's a sophisticated and modern brand but somehow timeless. I am a proud owner of the Sophia jacket which has that fun 'wow' factor at the same time as being comfortable, cool and elegant. It's a real head-turner.”
“Collaborating with ELEVEN SIX is a great opportunity for me to be part of growing something new and unique. I am attracted to brands that have a clear definition and strong sense of what they represent both visually and musically.”


To stream Sara Savery music compilation curated for ELEVEN SIX story: CLICK HERE

View ELEVEN SIX videos by Reeling Films and music by Sara Savery below:




ELEVEN SIX TRAVELS | Meeting Our Artisans…

Earlier this year Catherine Carnevale of ELEVEN SIX travelled down to Peru & Bolivia to visit their Women Artisan groups. This photo story shares some of the behind the scenes illustrating our sustainable small batch production and the uniquieness of the handmade!

“ It was incredible to connect with these talented and humble artisan women that make the ELEVEN SIX brand possible. In turn, the artisans were both motivated and excited to learn how their hand work is being showcased and promoted through our knitwear collection.”

ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 product development with artisan women group near Puno, Peru.



“These women are empowered by working in an entrepreneurial and community environment with the support of a leader whilst having the flexibility to work from home as the caretakers of their families”.    
“ The artisan’s smiles truly light up the room! Despite our conversation being translated it was wonderful seeing their different personalities come alive as they explained their work and backgrounds.”

 Narzaria is one of the artisans group leaders

Artisan Mariluz

Paulina is the head artisan leader of all artisan groups in the Puno area

Artisan Maria

"Paulina, the head artisan leader is a powerful and passionate woman whom monitors the quality of hand work amongst the Puno artisan groups keeping standards consistently high”.

ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 development with head artisan Paulina.


“One of the artisans greatest joy’s is to make the designers dreams come alive and into a knitted reality! These women pride themselves on being highly skilled in hand-knitting, macramé, crochet, hand-weaving, and hand-looming that they can translate in to our modern designs.” 

ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 development with head artisan Pausldsl Head artisans working at the cooperative in La Paz, Bolivia on ELEVEN SIX production.


"When we receive our ELEVEN SIX samples in New York they mean even more to us knowing the woman whom has handmade our pieces with LOVE.”

JEN SZETO | Window of Imagination

''You can immediately sense that each ELEVEN SIX piece is extremely well crafted and unites form, function, and versatility without being ostentatious or complicated''

Jen wears FW16 Kaitlan Sweater Jacket hand crocheted by Bolivian artisans in baby alpaca blend yarns | Jump Suit & Shoes: Jen’s own

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What is your occupation?

I recently started working with my husband as a Producer at Oddfellows, a San Francisco & Portland-based motion design studio that he co-founded. So far it’s been great. I work with an amazing team and feel lucky to be able to connect with Colin on both a professional and romantic level. It’s not always easy working with a partner, but we’re diligent about setting boundaries and treating each other with respect.  In the evenings, on the weekends, and any free moment in-between, I focus on all things Window Of Imagination – shooting and editing photos, coming up with new content ideas, or fostering relationships old and new. 

Jen wears FW16 Kaitlan Sweater Jacket hand crocheted by Bolivian artisans


What inspires you day to day?

Colin (my husband) is a big part of my daily inspiration. He provides a different perspective on almost every subject, which I really appreciate, and he helps simplify my vision whenever my thoughts become overly complex.  Also, being outside and having a moment to breathe and observe my surroundings brings new life to me. Since I work in an office most days, it can be hard at times to escape the concrete box. Whenever I have the opportunity to step out I almost always come back with a slew of new ideas racing through my head. The best part of these walks is observing the subtleties of everyday life.  Sometimes I’ll pass by a plain building and notice the sun showering it with beautiful dappled light which causes the colors to pop and the textures to morph in unexpected ways.  I find these details hypnotizing. 

Jen wears FW16 Lila Tee-neck Sweater, made in Peru with the softest Peruvian baby alpaca yarn | Jeans: Jen’s own

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What does the ELEVEN SIX brand signify to you?

To me, ELEVEN SIX represents modern, effortless style that is refined in structure and meticulous in detail. You can immediately sense that each piece is extremely well crafted and unites form, function, and versatility without being ostentatious or complicated. That’s why I particularly love the Lila tee neck sweater. It is a timeless, high-quality staple that I know I'll keep for generations.  Since I live in San Francisco, jackets are my most prized investments. During the many brisk months, I'll take comfort in wearing the ultra-soft Kaitlan alpaca sweater jacket. It’s one of the most standout pieces in my closet and to my amazement, it goes with everything I own!

Jen wears Pre Spring 17 Rochelle Dress, made in Peru with the softest Peruvian alpaca silk yarn | Shoes: Jen’s own