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Kate Middleton’s Blue Coat Dress Is The Dreamiest Color For Spring

April 2019 |

a day agoBright, traffic-stopping colors may have been all over the Spring/Summer 2019 runways, but a decidedly more toned-down hue is proving to be just as popular this time of year. Yep, the light-blue coat dress Kate Middleton wore over the weekend makes quite a convincing case for rocking softer, more understated shades this season. If you're searching for a way to liven up your wardrobe right now, but aren't quite ready to go as bold and bright as neon green, look no further than this duchess-approved powder blue.

The royal family had two things to celebrate on April 21. Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry were all smiles as they attended the Easter church service in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The annual service also happened to coincide with the Queen's 93rd birthday this year.

For the celebratory Sun. outing, Middleton looked the epitome of springtime chic. Her sleek powder-blue coat dress, by Alexander McQueen, featured concealed buttons, sharp shoulders, and an elegant high collar. She wore the streamlined frock with a matching slip dress, which ever-so-slightly peeked through as she walked, and a bow-embellished fascinator, also in a coordinating blue hue.

A crystal acorn brooch, a pair of drop earrings (which she first wore at her wedding in 2011 and then again in 2016), and her blue-sapphire engagement ring added the perfect amount of sentimental sparkle.


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April 2019 | ELLE USA Print

April 2019 | ELLE USA Print






The Future is Clear

January, 16 2019 |

Chunky knits, distressed denim, white boots & clear bags, is basically what I live for at the moment! Today’s outfit is comprised entirely of my current favorites! I got the sweater I am wearing in this post last week and I am happy to say we haven’t parted ways since. Cozy, warm and comfy, you guys know I am on a big lavender kick at the moment, but this very soft shade has to be my favorite by far!




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Eileen’s Edit: How to Curate 
a More Conscious Closet in 2019

To say that that there is something of a dark side to the fashion industry is like saying that you were slightly overserved on New Year’s Eve. It’s the dirty little secret (with some scary statistics) of fashion: EcoWatch called the industry the second biggest polluter behind big oil, there have been shocking reports on industry-wide practices of burning (yes, burning) leftover goods to protect company value, and then of course, fast fashion.

Now the good news: More and more brands are holding themselves accountable. And a feel-good fashion movement has touched just about every corner of our closets. From small-batch tees to recycled jewelry and cruelty-free clothing, there’s a company out there doing its part. And what I love most, second to doing my part, is that you don’t have to sacrifice personal style to start shopping more mindfully.

January, 2019 |


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For us, the aesthetic of a product always comes first because if something is not beautiful, people will not want to buy it – Hassan Pierre

December 11, 2018 |

To win over luxury customers, sustainable values and an ethical mission cannot replace a covetable product, said Hassan Pierre, co-founder of ethical luxury retailer Maison-de-Mode, which stocks high-end brands including Osklen, Tome and Eleven Six. “For us, the aesthetic of a product always comes first because if something is not beautiful, people will not want to buy it… [but] naturally our brands have to adhere to our ethical fashion standards.”

Pierre adds that it is easier to embed new luxury brands with a sustainability-focussed business model. “I think that it’s very hard for companies that have been around 10, 20, 50 years, for them to re-structure their mode of operations to be sustainable,” he says. “They have to consider sustainability within their supply chains, their textiles, the communities in which they work”.


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November 06, 2018 |   SEE FULL FEATURE

November 06, 2018 |


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GOOD LOOKS by Laura Lajiness

October 22, 2018 |

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Photo: Getty Images/Sanne Berg

With a chill in the air, it’s officially time to pile on warmer clothes. From chunky long sweaters to plush coats, breathing new life into cozy layers is essential for a wardrobe fall reset.

“I love the idea of a cozy sweater or turtleneck under a blazer,” says Caroline Belhumeur, Vince’s creative director. For a touch of femininity, she recommends pairing back the menswear-inspired with a pleated skirt.

When going for a textured look, Belhumeur says, “turtlenecks styled under sweaters or dresses feels fresh and modern. Layering also helps to extend the life of the garment from one season to the next.” Another option when styling versatile pieces like a silk slip dress? Add a cardigan or wrap-style coat to create a transitional outfit that goes from day to night. Pulling a long sweater over leggings is another option that’ll take you from the gym to just about anywhere.

For a trend-focused look, Moda Operandi buyer Lisa Ruffle says it’s all about plaid this season. “We saw it in many iterations from outerwear to accessories, but the plaid trouser was undoubtedly the hero piece of the season,” she says, adding that’s it’s a polished alternative to go-to denim. For a cozy effect, Ruffle says, “it looks best paired back with other cozy textures such as cashmere, chunky cable knits, and oversized shearling, worn with a great boot.” From classic to cool, shop 12 cozy layers ahead.

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Carolina de Mónaco, verano azul en Saint-Tropez

July 26. 2018 |

Los Grimaldi celebraron en la Costa Azul francesa el 19 cumpleaños de la hija pequeña de la princesa de Mónaco, Alexandra de Hannover. En la celebración estuvo el novio de la joven, que ya se ha convertido en uno más de la familia.


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What to Wear When Making the Trek to Machu Picchu

Millions all over the world hike the trail to see the 15th century Incan citadel

July 24, 2018 | | by ANDREA CHENG and JENNIFER YEE




Jet-setting across the seven seas, or simply swapping neighborhood spots, What To Wear When is your weekly column for shopping inspiration.

For 35 years, Machu Picchu has been a World Heritage site for being "an absolute masterpiece of architecture and a unique testimony to the Inca civilization." It's why every year, millions of visitors go out of their way to see the 15th century Incan citadel for themselves. Built sometime between 1450 and 1460, Machu Picchu (translated to mean "old" and "mountain" in Quechua) is an abandoned royal estate that serves as a time capsule of sorts—a relic of the Inca Empire. It sits high up in the Peruvian Andes nestled between two mountains—Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu—at the end of the famous 26 mile-long Inca Trail (a train ride is also an option) that has seen its fair share of famous people, from Georgia O'Keeffe in 1956 to Shirley MacLaine in 1986 to Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber in 2014.

Pack hiking clothes for the trail and Incan-inspired threads for a day of petting llamas, navigating the Peruvian streets, and exploring Cusco, the closest city to Machu Picchu that was once the capital of the Inca Empire. From patterned tops to high-fashion hiking boots, shop our packing list for your trip to Machu Picchu.

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Posted July 2018

Posted July 2018

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A Prefab House Like You've Never Seen Before

The reno of this family's weekend getaway was such a success that they moved there full-time

July 18, 2018 | | by LINDSAY MATHER 


A Bavarian-style prefab home?! It might not be a thing now, but it was in the 1960s, when  knitwear designer Catherine Carnavale 's Stone Ridge, New York, house was built. Back then,  Lindal Cedar Homes  was known for its ready-to-ship A-frame residences. But it was 2016 when Catherine and her husband Nick Carnevale, owner of  Gasoline Alley Coffee , first laid eyes on the property, and it was unlike anything else they'd seen while house-hunting. It had been on the market awhile and it was clear it would need some TLC, but the couple couldn't stop oohing and ahing at the architecture. "I thought, Wow, I love these beams, I love this fireplace. When we walked to the top of the house, we saw the shape of the roof. It was like, Wow, could I have a bedroom like this?" says Catherine. The four acres of wooded land didn't hurt either.  Living amidst construction on their apartment building in Brooklyn, Catherine and Nick, who had recently had a baby (they now have two kids), were desperate for a place to escape. They walked through the house one more time the following weekend and they were sold. "It was pretty impulsive," Catherine admits, but there was no looking back. "We had such a gut feeling; the feeling of the place hooked us."  What with those great bones they fell for, Catherine and Nick didn't have to do too much to make the house livable; the big game changer was a coat of white paint on pretty much everything: the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the kitchen cabinets. However, there was one major project that Catherine insisted on: "We ripped off those massive Hansel and Gretel balconies. They were so heavy—it looked like the house was about to tip over," she says.   READ MORE

A Bavarian-style prefab home?! It might not be a thing now, but it was in the 1960s, when knitwear designer Catherine Carnavale's Stone Ridge, New York, house was built. Back then, Lindal Cedar Homes was known for its ready-to-ship A-frame residences. But it was 2016 when Catherine and her husband Nick Carnevale, owner of Gasoline Alley Coffee, first laid eyes on the property, and it was unlike anything else they'd seen while house-hunting. It had been on the market awhile and it was clear it would need some TLC, but the couple couldn't stop oohing and ahing at the architecture. "I thought, Wow, I love these beams, I love this fireplace. When we walked to the top of the house, we saw the shape of the roof. It was like, Wow, could I have a bedroom like this?" says Catherine. The four acres of wooded land didn't hurt either.

Living amidst construction on their apartment building in Brooklyn, Catherine and Nick, who had recently had a baby (they now have two kids), were desperate for a place to escape. They walked through the house one more time the following weekend and they were sold. "It was pretty impulsive," Catherine admits, but there was no looking back. "We had such a gut feeling; the feeling of the place hooked us."

What with those great bones they fell for, Catherine and Nick didn't have to do too much to make the house livable; the big game changer was a coat of white paint on pretty much everything: the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the kitchen cabinets. However, there was one major project that Catherine insisted on: "We ripped off those massive Hansel and Gretel balconies. They were so heavy—it looked like the house was about to tip over," she says.



23 Swimsuit Cover-Ups To Wear On & Off The Beach

July 9, 2018 | | by ELIZA HUBER


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Andean Artisanship: Eleven Six Designer Catherine Carnevale’s Peru and Bolivia Travel Diary

June 3, 2018 | | Photo ELLIE CONNELL | by MONICA MENDAL 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-07 um 20.55.17.png

Growing up in England, Catherine Carnevale learned to knit from her mother and grandmother, and knew immediately that she would pursue the art as a profession. Her instincts were right—she would go on to work for Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, and Club Monaco before launching her own knitwear brand, Eleven Six.

A fusion of contemporary design and traditional Andean knitting techniques is at the heart of Eleven Six. Carnevale’s designs are handmade by a women’s cooperative of artisans in Peru and Bolivia, where she recently traveled to work on her upcoming PS19 collection. There, she visited the women who, empowered by their entrepreneurial environment, are highly dedicated to the production of high-quality pieces using traditional textile techniques—hand knitting, macramé, crochet, and hand-weaving.

During her trip, Carnevale traveled to Lima and La Paz, staying at Second Home, the former abode of noted Peruvian artist Victor Delfin, and visiting local sites including the Mario Testino Museum, the Museo Larco, and Salar De Uyuni, the salt flats outside La Paz, Bolivia. “This trip was an inspirational combination of absorbing culture, a rich heritage of craftsmanship, and nature,” says the designer. “In both [Peru and Bolivia], I find there is a sense of free-spiritedness and warmth which always resets and refreshes my perspective.”

See the highlights of her travels, above.



#TheLIST: Shop the Supermodel Jumpsuit for Summer

May 29, 2018 | | by KERRY PIERI

Take note from these cat-walkers on your go-to easy look for the sweltering season...


Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-31 um 22.43.07.png
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May, 2018 |

3 days ago by The Atelier

When Catherine Carnevale was three months pregnant with her first child and visiting the sacred valley in Peru with husband, Nick, she had an epiphany. She no longer wanted to work in corporate fashion — she was most recently, Senior Director of Knitwear at Club Monaco. Upon returning to the states she promptly quit her job and started her knitwear line, Eleven Six.

Combining contemporary design with traditional Andean knitting techniques, Eleven Six sources their yarn from Peru and Bolivia and exclusively uses yarn that is natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. Due to it’s origin, the Alpaca yarn is able to withstand cold as well as the equatorial warmth.

It’s this cross-season approach to Catherine’s designs (and materials) that we love. These knit pieces are meant to be worn throughout multiple seasons. They are the pieces you reach for time and again, instead of promptly stuffing under your bed once the weather starts to turn either too hot or too cold.

If it doesn’t get any cooler than that, Catherine’s husband runs one of our favorite local coffee joints, Gasoline Alley Coffee, where we met her to snap this effortlessly chic portrait of her wearing, yep, you guessed it, Eleven Six.

Crochet Tunic, Eleven Six; pants, Creatures of Comfort; shoes, Club Monaco; bag, Wendy Nicholl, cuff, Sophie Buhai; earrings and rings, Leigh Miller.



My Oh Myla!

May, 2018 |

Model, artist, and writer Myla Dalbesio talks feminism, style and Portlandia.

Myla Dalbesio was a feminist and body inclusivity activist before Trump became President, and #metoo and #bodypositive became trending hashtags. She is an artist by training working in mediums from performance art to sculpture to photography, and a visionary curator. As a model, she has been the subject (or perhaps, object?) of scrutiny for a Calvin Klein ad, where people debated whether she was a “plus-size model.” Well-aware of the various gazes at women’s bodies, Myla uses her experiences in modeling and her art practice to take up these contentious conversations — even in the most unexpected places like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.



Photography: Ashley Soong | Styling: Nicole Hyle

May 2018 |


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Mehr Sommer geht nicht: Die schönsten Häkeltops zum Shoppen

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-14 um 23.12.19.png

Artikel von ANTONIA ZAHN

16. Mai 2018 |, Germany

Dieses Trendcomeback hätte nicht nur Großmutter oder den einen oder anderen Hippie gefreut: Häkeltops sind zurück und sie werden jetzt besonders elegant und feminin gestylt.

Die Oberteile mit Gute-Laune-Garantie zieren meist Spaghettiträger. Dabei variiert die Länge zwischen super kurz und hüftlang. Fransen oder eingehäkelte Blümchen sorgen für das typische Hippie-Feeling. Doch die Oberteile sind nicht nur für lange Strandspaziergänge oder Festivals eine coole Option, sondern auch durchaus alltagsfähig. In der Kombination mit einem geknöpften Midi-Rock, weiten Culottes oder einer Marlenehose wirken sich gleich edel und chic. Wichtig: Finger weg von kurz geschnittenen Häkeltops im Büro.


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The Gift Guide


May 2018 |

Although celebrating the incredible women in your life shouldn’t be reserved for just May 13th, gift giving on this day should outshine the rest. Our editors know what fashionable mothers want and it’s not of the cliché kind. From La Bouche Rouge’s luxe red lipstick to Saint Laurent’s classic carryall—and from the glam mom to the minimalist and everyone in between, find the perfect gift she didn’t know she was coveting.


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Elsa Hosk wears SS18 Sade tunic

April 27, 2018 |


Porter Press shot - Sade Tunic Dress.jpg

The V-Neck

April 2018 |

Category Update S/S 19 - Women & Young Women: Knitwear


The V-neck knit boasts ongoing commercial appeal, loved for its simple, everyday wearability. From high-street to premiumlevel brands, V-necks are versatile enough to punctuate every S/S 19 drop, from spring-transition to high summer. Texture & surface: from crafty crochet and delicate sheers, to sleek minimalism, Vnecks accrue interest and newness with creative knit constructions. Luxe casual: slouchy shapes are furthered with stretched-out Vs, extra-long sleeves and loose shapes. Despite relaxed connotations, knits seem refined thanks to cashmere and merino wool blends. New classics: V-neck knits feature fresh silhouettes, from youthful abbreviations to sophisticated slim-fit cuts. The classic collegiate knit sheds past-seasons' oversized shapes for sleek, body-skimming proportions that feel new.




17 Eco-Friendly Labels To Shop For Your Bridal Wardrobe

April 17, 2018 | | by LAURA LAJINESS

Because a social consciousness is chic.

Eco-friendly fashion is more popular than ever and as a result, shoppers are more often considering a brand’s social consciousness before buying into their goods. Sustainable brands hardly equate to drab attire—conscious designers are coming out with gorgeous clothing and accessories that are not only well-made but beautiful and trendy, too. With this increased focus on sustainability and fair trade, we figured it wise to shine a light on labels that not only practice great ethics but befit the shopping needs of brides-to-be. You know, for dressed up moments like your engagement party outfit, a bridal shower ensemble, a rehearsal dinner dress, attire for your wedding guests, you get the picture.

Whether it’s a brand whose ethos is rooted in fair trade, a designer who employs artisans or at-risk women to help produce collections or a company that works to reduce its carbon footprint, here, we’re highlighting 17 brands to consider when shopping for your bridal wardrobe. We’re not saying you need to overhaul your entire closet or make your string of bridal outfits entirely eco-friendly, we’re simply sharing the plethora of stylish options at your disposal if an ethical buy is of interest.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.28.06 PM.png
brides 2.png



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This Knitwear Designer’s Cozy Work Wardrobe Was Made for Winter

January 10, 2018 | | by BROOKE BOBB | edited by MADELINE FASS

Catherine Carnevale went for a hike and ended up having an epiphany. “I was three-months pregnant and visiting the sacred valley in Peru with my husband,” she explains. “While being in the powerful mountainscape of the Andes, I was struck by a strong feeling that it was time to make a life change.” Upon Carnevale’s return home to Brooklyn, New York (she’s originally from the U.K.), she decided to leave her corporate fashion design job and start her own knitwear brand called Eleven Six. The name is a combination of her birth date and that of her son Oliver’s. “I was inspired by the skills of the artisan women in both Peru and Bolivia,” Carnevale says of the launch. “I decided to create a knitwear line that could be sustainably produced there using baby alpaca.” She adds, “I wanted to empower and support these artisan women with work.”

The designer travels to Peru once each year, visiting the cooperatives responsible for crafting Eleven Six’s ribbed navy jumpsuits, fringed off-the-shoulder dresses, and beautifully simple turtlenecks, capes, and cardigans. Carnevale’s pieces are the perfect blend of stylish and cozy, a combination she’s personally become quite fond of since relocating from Brooklyn to upstate New York. “After having our second baby earlier in the year, we were ready for some nature and space,” she says. “I currently have a home studio, but I commute into the city once a week for meetings and appointments.” As such, Carnevale’s wardrobe has shifted a bit. When she’s working upstate, she favors head-to-toe knits and sneakers. In the city, she likes to layer her sweaters with leather jackets, belts, statement jewelry, or a block heel.

“Whether dressing up or dressing more casually, I tend to be on the more polished side—this is something I believe was instilled in me by my late mother,” says Carnevale. “I think this sensibility translates to Eleven Six as a brand. It’s refined yet relaxed, and strives to offer an effortless but elevated approach to knit dressing.” Whatever she’s wearing up in the woods or back in the concrete jungle, Carnevale’s main concern is spreading the message about sustainable fashion and designing functional, beautiful clothes for boss ladies just like her. “I design for a modern woman in need of a versatile wardrobe for her many life roles,” she says.

Here, a deeper look into the sharp, comfortable, and well-rounded 9-to-5 style of Catherine Carnevale.

A monochrome palette can elevate any casual workday outfit.

“I wear a lot of neutrals and often dress tonally head-to-toe. I love the ease of a pull-on ribbed knit skirt, and if you ever see me in flats, I’m usually in a clean pair of white sneakers, my favorite of which are from the French brand Zespa.”


Keep your look professional, even when working from home.

“Upstate, I always dress to be on the go. It’s important for me to feel put together and professional even if I’m working from my home studio. I have a lot of transitional pieces that can carry me through the day and into the evening, like tank and skirt sets or jumpsuits. I like to mix and match, and for accessories, I’ve always gravitated toward modern, statement jewelry, which I believe started when my mother gave me her mother’s chunky, metal cuff in my early teens.”


Find a bag and pair of jeans that can go with you anytime, anywhere.

“The bag I carry every day and take everywhere with me is my

 black leather Bullet bag. It’s compact, but amazing in how much it can store! I also have been wearing jeans a lot more during the workday since my lifestyle changed upstate. I like to wear them with a chunky sweater, Sophie Buhai hoops (I’ll go bolder with earrings for a big meeting or event), and my favorite ankle boots byDries Van Noten. These shoes have seen me through several years, and I continue to love them.”





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The 1 Easy Outfit Formula Every Fashion Girl Will Wear in 2018

February 3, 2018 | - by LAURA LAJINESS

A wide-rib cardigan like this Eleven Six Kayla Cardi Wrap ($595) brings a bit of drama to any look.





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February 2018 | ALLURE Magazine - 'seeing green'




Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-05 um 20.54.16.png
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11 Knit Skirts to Try This Season

February 1, 2018 |

On a recent trip to England, I bought some rather beautiful knee-high suede boots from L.K.Bennett. Upon returning back to L.A., I was eager to show off my new boots in as many outfits as humanly possible. This lead me to wear a whole collection of skirts for pretty much the entire month of January. It was then when I realized my favorite skirt style to wear with my boots: knit skirts.Not only are knit skirts super warm (they keep your legs toasty in the deep throes of winter) but they exude an elegant yet relaxed vibe that makes them versatile enough to wear to work, brunch, or to a fancy dinner. A knit skirt also happens to be the ideal transitional piece that gets you through any confusing climates (hot subways/cold offices).

So if you’re looking for a chic way to show off those tall boots or simply want an alternative to jeans, then get your hands on one of the must-have knit skirts below.





Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-04 um 15.58.04.png

21 Sweaterdresses That'll Take Your Winter Layering Game to the Next Level

January 9, 2018 | | by HALIE LESAVAGE

When it's pushing negative degrees outside, there's pretty much only one thing you want to wear: knits on knits. In those situations when your inside clothes just won't cut it for the variety of obligations you have during the wintertime, let sweaterdresses be your cold-weather dressing solution. Firstly, they're fashion equivalent of snuggling up in a huge blanket: A long-sleeve, knee-length knit dress is unquestionably soft and cozy, yet totally legitimate to wear outside of the house. Then, like the parade of endlesswinter coats you've spotted this season, there's an option for everyone, way beyond the standard LBD. Plus, they're incredibly easy to layer, which is priority number one these days. Throw on one of the following 21 sweaterdresses the next time that it's too damn cold outside; repeat every day until spring.




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Red on red: il look da copiare di Victoria Justice!

December 2017 | - ITALY





Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-03 um 19.23.41.png
Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-03 um 20.53.33.png

Takashamaya, Style & Edit, FW15 Store Catalogue

Popmarte: el espacio de compras (cool) en San Antonio

November 30, 2017 | - Mexico

Llega la temporada de regalar, y con esta, el Popmarte en la ciudad de San Antonio, Texas, un espacio con firmas de autor que estará en tu lista de deseos y radar de compras este mes de diciembre.

San Antonio, en Texas, destaca más allá de El Álamo o suRiver Walk, como uno de los epicentros de las compras en el sur de los Estados Unidos. Esta ciudad texana, próxima a cumplir sus 300 años de fundación en el año 2018, atrae anualmente un aproximado de 2.5 millones de turistas, que se muestran impacientes por sus centros comerciales e inigualable oferta en diversos rubros comerciales.El 70% de esta cifra corresponde a mexicanos, el sector más importante de consumidores de esta capital. A pesar del compromiso que muestran sus visitantes por las marcas que ahí se ofrecen, existen ofertas interesantes que cambian el panorama de compras en San Antonio. Popmarte es una de ellas. Este concepto de un mercado que cambia semanalmente de productos y marcas, se presenta en el espacio llamado la Pearl (312, Pearl Parkway) en donde, por primera vez, se conjugan diversas marcas que exploran la creatividad, la autenticidad y el descubrimiento en nuevas formas de diseño.

Nina McCandless, una de las mentes artífices del proyecto junto a Ashley Clauss, responde a Vogue“conforme el panorama del modelo de almacenes sigue cambiando, Popmarte es nuestra respuesta a ese cambio. Las tiendas pop-up no son una novedad; sin embargo, nuestro punto de diferenciación es que cada semana encuentren algo nuevo”, responde Nina, quien cuenta con una gran experiencia en el mundo de la moda y el lujo a través de su paso por las filas de Vogue US.

Después de una exhaustiva selección de marcas que compartieran sus valores y que se identificaran con la estética del espacio, este mes de diciembre (hasta el 23) se da el corte de listón del ambicioso proyecto en la ciudad de San Antonio. Ahí, la presencia latina estará representada por Isa Tapia, la originaria de Puerto Rico, que con su calzado premium atrajo la atención de Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols o Saks Fifth Avenue. También las firmas jóvenes Eleven Six, Here / Now, Bembien,M.Patmos, entre otras, verán un espacio de acercamiento enPopmarte, porque como lo asegura Nina, “ahora que el mercado de moda está tan sobresaturado, es momento de crear un espacio en el que las marcas conecten con las personas y representen sus firmas en espacios que no son necesariamente los habituales debido a una falta de recursos o mano de obra”… Con pasaporte y visa en mano, un nuevo destino de compras nos espera.




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Shop These Holiday Pop-Ups For Gifts You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

December 5, 2016 | Samantha McDonald | Homepage photo: Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel

The holidays are officially here, which means gift shopping has taken over most of our department store trips and e-tailer visits. But instead of hitting up the usual suspects, this year’s selection of pop-up shops happen to be both charming and unique—just the thing you need for those hard-to-gift people on your list. Here, a list of designers and brands from the West to the East Coast that are making life a little bit easier for you this season.

The Shop at 97 Crosby

Featuring brands like Eleven Six, Daryl K and exclusive pieces from KES, The Shop at 97 Crosby will satisfy all your winter needs with pom hats and wool coats galore.

Where: 97 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

When: December 1, 2016 - February 28, 2017; Monday to Saturday 11AM - 7PM, Sunday 12PM - 6PM



ELEVEN SIX featured along side brands from "The Cult Closet" list

November 5-6, 2016 | WSJ

No. 97 Shop stocks the most lust-worthy sweaters for fall

October 14, 2016 10:30 am | Caroline Grosso

“We missed how Soho used to be a place of discovery, where you could find independent brands,” Tess Giberson explains from her month-old shop, No. 97. A block away from Giberson’s store, hundreds of tourists trotted down Broadway converging upon big-box stores like Zara and TopShop, clearly unaware of the independent treasures - Rachel ComeySaturdays SurfOpening Ceremony, and now No. 97- only a block away.

If the Crosby Street space looks a bit familiar, it is because up until a few months ago, the shop was named Tess Giberson and it sold the designer’s eponymous collection. “Our company was under immense financial strains, and we had to put our runway collection on hold,” Giberson says. “It was a challenging time for everyone.” Her's is a story that is all too familiar in this difficult climate for luxury and retail. “We had to figure out how to fill the space in a span of two months.”

But often the best ideas are born out of challenges. Giberson started talking to her old friend Marcia Patmos, of M. Patmos, about launching a store to sell friend’s wares, and the pieces of other like-minded independent creators. “Then one thing led to another,” Giberson says. “Each designer involved brought in another designer, and before we knew it - we had a collective.” Another friend, Victoria Bartlett (who recently shuttered her own Soho shop), pointed out “how empowering an all-women collective and community would be.”

In addition to offering throws and oversized sweaters by M. Patmos and Giberson herself, the store stocks pottery by Kiterepublic, and books by Blonde Art Books - basically anything one would need for a chilly fall day relaxing indoors. Or, considering there are such lush shearlings on the racks, a day out and about, too. “I enjoy how the store offers a feeling of discovery with smaller new brands like myself,” says Catherine Carnevale, the designer behind Eleven Six, a new label of chunky Peru-made knits. “It feels like a unique and special curation that I personally would love to stumble upon on my favorite street in Soho.”



October 14. 2016 | IRENE OJO-FELIX

On Sun Jung: Sweater – Eleven Six, Jeans – CLOSED | On Linde: Sweater – Eleven Six, Jeans & Underwear – Calvin Klein | On Amelia: Sweater – Objects Without Meaning, Shirt – Dobb’s Collectors, Jeans – Vintage Levi’s | On Mia: Sweater – Eleven Six, Jeans – J Brand | On Dominique: Sweater – Eleven Six, Jeans – Model’s Own, Jacket (worn around waist) – AllSaints

The warm summer days are a sure thing of the past and with the new season blows in a fresh batch of fashion darlings that are ready for their big moment. Caught during the calm before the storm of fashion week, these relative newcomers shot by photographer Robert Nethery show off the latest Fall staples with their unique downtown NY edge. Set on location, Marina Muñoz picks streetwear looks that are perfect complements for these natural beauties to frolic in. Who will leave their mark on our hearts? Only time will tell.



 October 17, 2016 | jiminymagazine

On those autumnal slate grey sky days, the only thing that we long for when the wind is whipping us in the face and the rain is lashing down is something cosy, warm, and soft to the touch to hide in. The ultimate knit that you can layer or wear as a statement piece to take you stylishly from the office to snuggling in front of an open fire. Thank you ELEVEN SIX!

Founded by British born couple Catherine and Nick, and inspired by a life changing trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru (incredibly whilst Catherine was three months pregnant with their son Oliver) ELEVEN SIX was born.

“After the last fifteen working in larger corporations where sustainability is often far from your control being sustainable was a distinctive choice and brand goal I made when starting the ELEVEN SIX venture. I wanted to have control over whom the work was going to and know the work I was providing was beneficial.”

Designed with the busy modern women in mind, versatility and longevity are key to each collection; pieces are cleverly designed to be worn cross seasonally.

“ELEVEN SIX represents an appreciation for the beautiful things in life” 

Created in limited quantities to Catherine’s design and technical specifications, and crafted in small family run factories and artisan cooperatives in Peru and Bolivia, it is the combination of contemporary design with traditional Andean knitting techniques that makes each ELEVEN SIX piece a unique treasure. The women’s cooperatives that Catherine uses not only have a rich cultural heritage and knowledge of their craft, but also are empowered and driven to be working in an entrepreneurial environment that supports their traditional textiles techniques of crochet, macrame, hand knitting and hand weaving. The appreciation for the time and effort that goes into each ELEVEN SIX knit is clear when you see each individual tag that bears the artist’s signature, edition number and place of birth. That’s true traceability!

What about the fabric? It isn’t just the people that inspired the craftsmanship and production, but also the native Peruvian Alpaca. Shorn once a year, the Alpaca’s fleece withstands the cold as well as the warmth, making it the perfect natural, eco friendly sustainable yarn that when knitted, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.




Catherine Carnevale, a British fashion designer and entrepreneur, launched ELEVEN SIX with her husband Nick after years of working at top corporations as a knitwear designer. ELEVEN SIX was born out of Catherine’s desire to create a lifestyle change. The couple now split their time between Brooklyn and upstate New York.

Born in Lincolnshire, Catherine learned the art of knitting from her mother and grandmother. She perfected her knitting and design skills at the University of Brighton, England, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Honors in fashion textiles. Though she held various designer positions in New York, Catherine decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion and start a company with her husband. Inspired by a trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, ELEVEN SIX is the manifestation of Catherine and Nick’s love for handcrafted and beautiful products. They work with artisan women from Peru and Bolivia to create a truly unique knitwear brand.


Edit hosts the sustainable luxury lounge with a panel of guest speakers including accessories’ LAUREN PARKER

September 20, 2016 | Accessories Staff

EDIT, the highly curated fashion and accessory trade show, hosted its show-long Sustainable Luxury Lounge, a gallery with daily conversations about the sustainable space.

The lounge featured eco-friendly designers FROM THE ROAD (luxurious hand-woven, artisan-made scarves and accessories from around the world), Mikuti (hand-made jewelry using recycled brass jewelry and local beads from artisans in Kenya), Mimi Prober(apparel that repurposes centuries-old lace and sequins) and Osklen (who creates upscale footwear and handbags from fish leather–a natural food byproduct), shown below from top to bottom.

EDIT teamed up with FROM THE ROAD Founder/Creative Director Susan Easton, who pulled together daily panels to discuss artisanal production, heritage techniques, eco materials, and how to tell brand stories to customers in compelling ways.

Yesterday, on Day 2 of the show, Accessories Editor-in-Chief Lauren Parker sat on a panel alongside Catherine Carnevale, co-founder of ELEVEN SIX (upscale knitwear from Peruvian artisans), and Mara Schiavetti, founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Green Beauty (a print magazine and website devoted to sustainable fashion and accessories).

The women discussed sustainable luxury trends that are influencing this season’s must-haves, moderated by Easton.


ELEVEN SIX: Luxury knits handcrafted in Bolivia and Peru

September 12, 2016 | Staff

Catherine Carnevale, founder of ELEVEN SIX, a luxury knitwear line, grew up in a house of knitters. Her mother was one. Her grandmother was one. As a child, Catharine found herself knitting and sewing anything she could get her hands on. This love of the craft led her to an Art & Design Foundation course at Central Saint Martins and then a specialist Knitwear BA honors degree at the University of Brighton.

The degree required a year in industry, so Catherine sought an internship in New York and then went on to build an extensive career, holding senior design posts in knitwear at both Club Monaco and Calvin Klein. Then, she visited Peru. A turning point in her path that led to the creation of ELEVEN SIX, designed in NYC and made in Peru and Bolivia. Catherine recalls,

"A few years ago I took a trip to Peru, Sacred Valley with my husband hiking in the Andes- which I found to be an incredibly powerful and spiritual place. I was three months pregnant at the time and gazing out onto an incredible mountain scape I had a moment of realization that I was ready for a change of lifestyle and ready to leave the corporate world to try something for myself. Being inspired by the artisan work from South America and the beautiful native andean fibre Alpaca I wanted to create a luxury Knitwear line that utilized these beautiful things."

First, she found a Bolivian cooperative to work with and then later, some small family factories in Peru that work with Peruvian artisan groups. A vast difference from her experience working in Asia, Catherine loved sourcing smaller, more local production and where she could directly empower and give work to talented artisan women. Each ELEVEN SIX hand knit item has a hang tag signed by the artisan maker and an edition number.


97 Opened on Crosby Street Today—Just in Time for Some NYFW Shopping


''At a time when synthetic fabrics and high-tech manufacturing are replacing traditional crafts, it’s refreshing to walk into a store where everything you see has a human touch.''

To the uninitiated, Soho is the promised land of shopping. To New Yorkers, it’s more of an obstacle course: Steer clear of Broadway and be sure to go early to avoid the crowds, especially on the weekends. There are pockets of calm, though, where you can stroll at a normal pace without dodging a food cart, and Crosby Street is one of them. It’s among many reasons we were excited to hear that Daryl Kerrigan (of Daryl K), Marcia Patmos (of M.Patmos), Melissa Joy Manning, Tess Giberson, Erica Tanov, Catherine Carnevale (of Eleven Six), and Jaclyn Hodes (of Awaveawake) just opened a new store called 97. It’s located, as you may have guessed, at 97 Crosby Street, right next door to Rachel Comey.

“We were reminiscing about our early days in New York when there were these interesting places to discover and meet independent designers,” Patmos tells “There was a real sense of community. The idea percolated and kind of organically made its way into a really amazing group of like-minded women making beautiful things in one store.” All seven women share an appreciation for the handmade—clothing, jewelry, and home furnishings. Patmos, for instance, specializes in hand-knit sweaters, while Manning’s hand-crafted jewelry features raw materials like amethyst, agate, and turquoise. At a time when synthetic fabrics and high-tech manufacturing are replacing traditional crafts, it’s refreshing to walk into a store where everything you see has a human touch. Stop by tomorrow to do some last-minute Labor Day shopping, or to stock up on a new Erica Tanov slip dress or Daryl K leather leggings before fashion month, which kicks off (are you ready?) on Wednesday.


ELEVEN SIX for GLAMOUR MAGAZINE  with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler


with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler

ELEVEN SIX offers an effortless, and elevated approach to knitwear, designed for a modern woman...

A Green Beauty, Summer 2016 | Issue 7

Meet Garmentory: Your New Shopping Destination

December 7, 2015 | Mindy White

When it comes to online shopping, you might find yourself browsing various sites, hunting down discount emails and codes, and wishing all of your favorite designers could be in one place. Well, thanks to Garmentory, your wish has come true. Based in Seattle, WA, this innovative, curated marketplace from founders Adele Tetangco and Sunil Gowda is making online shopping a much better, more fun, and less complicated experience because it does all the work for you.

With 200+ curated boutiques from across the U.S. and Canada, over 1000 established and emerging designers, and new arrivals daily, Garmentory is bringing brick-and-mortar boutique shopping to our fingertips. The e-commerce combines contemporary fashion and accessories with one-of-a-kind gifts for him and her. Here, buyers can score hard-to-find brands and items, discover new favorite designers, and even support independent boutiques—all at once, all in one place. The most unique part of the site might be the negotiate-your-own-price option on certain items, which allows you to bargain the final sale price directly with shop owners. This method keeps sales happening all year long and helps you score your most favorite pieces for much less!

Below, we’ve feature our most favorite picks from the site, from an Eleven Six Isabelle Cocoon Hoodie that feels like you’re literally wrapped in a warm, fuzzy, grey cloud to Black Crane Quilt Pants that are a never-take-them-off item and Dolce Vita Moss Keiton Booties that go with practically any outfit. Three simple clicks ended us an entire outfit, and each item arrived separately and yet well before the expected delivery date. For us, there’s no better one-stop-shop than Garmentory. Shop now and see why it’s a brilliant place to shop, discover, save, and support.

Avec eleven six, la maille fait un vari numero de charme

Posted on novembre 6, 2015

Méler l’amour des voyages et la passion des belles matières a permis la naissance de la marque ELEVEN SIX. Ce nom n’est pas un matricule choisi au hasard. Il est composé de chiffres qui ont une signification forte  dans la vie de la co-fondatrice.

Mais ce que vous pourrez aussi constater, si comme moi,  vous avez la chance de laisser glisser entre vos doigts, une de ces étoffes, tissées de fil d’Alpaga, ou de baby alpaga, c’est la douceur et la tendresse de cette maille. Ce qu’on aime dans cette matière c’est sa capacité à s’enrouler sensuellement autour du corps féminin sans le contraindre. Elle souligne avec élégance et grâce les pleins et les déliés de cette morphologie aux formes si subtiles.


LE HAUT DEL A MODE Blog by Thierry Piguet

Brooklyn Magazine (Sept) - "Bought in Brooklyn"